Interesting Power Outlet and Adapter Designs


PowerCube: Here is a smart solution, it is one of the smallest of its kind. You can fix it any where with the sticky pads or just mount it to the outlet.


SAFEMORE Smart Outlet: Get your power in any angle you want, it also have many security features.


All in One Universal Plug Adapter Travel Adapter: You can use this travel anywhere in the world, just slide the switch to the proper position.


Worldwide Travel Adapter with POWER BANK: Another universal adapter, it isn’t just a cool gadget but also a very handy item with the built-in power bank.

5 Cool Kitchen Gadgets You Can Buy as A Gift

Here are some cool kitchen gadgets that you can buy as a gift to your friends this Christmas.


PancakeBot: We are used to seeing 3d printers everywhere, but this is very unusual, the PancakeBot is capable of printing  pancakes onto a griddle in many shapes using its custom software.


Fred and Friends EGG-A-MATIC Skull Egg Mold: Do you also think that we need some variation in the shape of eggs? So this is a great gadget for you. Once you get familiar with its usage it is really fun.


Spartan Knife Block: Here is a very cool way to store your knives in your kitchen.


Gravity Pro BPA-Free Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder Set: Great effortless dispensing of pepper and salt, but you must know that it requires 8 AA batteries to operate.



Chef’n GarlicZoom Garlic Chopper: Here is a device to peel garlic in the coolest way possible.