10 Cool Portable Cup Holders

Here are 10 cool and creative portable cup holders for your office and home, ged rid of wet documents and water rings on your table.

Portable cup holder
Colorful Clip On Table Cup Holders: Don’t you have enough space on your office desk? These drink clips let you and your friends clip your drinks to the side of your desk. It is capable of holding all standard cups and cans and comes in a set of 4.

Scrap-Ma-Bob Cup and Bag Clamp-On Holder

Scrap-Ma-Bob Cup and Bag Clamp-On Holder:  This little fellow allows you to drink your coffee without endangering your documents or keyboard and provides a mess free work area. It even has a little trash bag and holds up to 32 ounces.

Desk and Table Clip-on Cup Holder

Desk and Table Clip-on Cup Holder: Here is really stylish and useful portable cup holder which have rubber grip pads to keep the cup securely in place. As you seen in the picture it not suitable for very large cups.




LugCup Portable Travel Drink Cup Holder: If you are one of those people that  carry your  mug anywhere you go, then this cup holder is designed for you. 



Bookman’s Cup Holder: If you like to drink your coffee while riding your bike, this cup holder is a must have! With its clever design it is easily attached to any bicycle securely.


Warming/Cooling Vehicle Cup Holder: This cup holder goes one step further and with the help of getting energy from the cigarette lighter it is able to heat up to 140 F or cool down to 40 F in only a few minutes.

Cup holder for iphone

iPhone Cup Holder: I can say that this is a clever design but can’t same thing about the people who use it. I suggest putting your phone down for a couple of minutes if you have to use your smartphone.

Quirky TST-1-GRY Travelstacks Stackable Cupholder Container

Quirky TST-1-GRY Travelstacks Stackable Cupholder Container: This travel stack has two stackable plastic containers that is designed store your daily items such as keys, gate controller, candy and other things.


flipflops-cup holder


Flip-Flop Aperitivo: If you are always have hard times finding a safe place to put your drink at the beach, this flip-flops will save your time, just sit down and put your cup or glass on them.



Spink Cup Holder: This is a cup holder who does not like water rings on her table. With the Spink cup holder You will never spill another drop of your drink or see any water rings again.



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V for Kinetic Typography

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V for Vendetta speech:

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