7 Best External Power Bank Battery Chargers

Here we collect 7 Cool Power Banks for recharging your electronic gadgets anywhere you go.


iContact IC-PB212 2600mAh Portable Backup Battery Charger USB Power Bank for Smart Phones and other Digital Devices
iContact Portable Backup Battery Charger for Smart Phones:
The iContact Power Bank packs 2600mAh of power into a very small, beautiful space with the size of an AA battery! Many people found this really great, handy and easy to carry with them.

Breett 10000mAh Power Bank Dual-Port USB Charger 2.1A 1.0APortable External Battery Charger for Samsung
Breett 10000mAh Power Bank Dual-Port USB Charger for Samsung:
Here is another great power bank that is extremely cost-effective and stylish compared to other chargers, but we must add that it is a bit heavy than similar ones.

2600mAh Blue PowerBank Keychain Battery Charger
Blue PowerBank Keychain Battery Charger:
If you want to get a really easy to carry, lightweight external portable charger then this key-chain battery charger is the perfect solution for your emergency power needs.


Trent iCarrier 12000mAh Portable Dual USB Port External Battery Charger

Trent iCarrier Portable External Battery Charger: If you want to charge your iPhone several times and need an external charger that is smart enough to shut itself of when your smartphone or iPod is charged then the Trent iCarrier Charger is the one you need, what is more, it is capable of charging two device at the same time.


Fueltank DUO: The Fueltank’s rechargeable lithium ion battery is capable of charging a standard phone 8 times making, and the best thing is it is compatible with over 3.000 devices in the market and weighs only 8 ounces. We can easily say that it is one of the best external power bank chargers in the world.

Powerporta 3000 FlashPowerporta 3000 Flash: This is an universal and portable USB charger which is very small and lightweight, which will ensure your smartphone will not run out of power when you are out. It comes with several connectors so it will fit every phone.

Universal Gadget Wrist Charger

Universal Gadget Wrist Charger: Battery charger in the form of a wristband! It is designed to charge your device such as tablet or smartphone while you are using it. It is about 2.9 ounces and have a 4-Led power indicator.


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