Cool T-Shirts for Programmers

Are you looking a great gift for a programmer friend or your beloved coder husband who spend most of his time in front of his computer, here we collect best t-shirts for them that will make perfect gifts. If you can’t understand some of the concepts never mind they will understand.

Rocket Factory 10 KINDS OF PEOPLE BINARY Men's T-shirt

Rocket Factory 10 KINDS OF PEOPLE BINARY Men’s T-shirt:
Binary numbers concept. If you read that as “ten” then you are not a programmer.

Programming tshirts by Something Geeky Men's &quot

Programming t-shirts by Something Geeky Men’s:

Spreadshirt Men's I'm a programmer

Spreadshirt Men’s I’m a programmer

I Don't Always Test My Code Funny Adult T-Shirt Tee

I Don’t Always Test My Code Funny Adult T-Shirt:
Another great one, about testing code.

no-place-like-home-local-host-tshirt programmer-Workout Python-Code-T-Shirts To-be-or-not-to-Programming-Women-T-Shirt


“To be or not to be.” or “to program or not to program.”

while-ok-coder-t-shirt html-t-shirt its_not_a_bug_its_a_feature

It’s not a bug it’s a feature T-shirt


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